Hi, I’m Jill!

And I’ve dedicated most of my life to helping other people.

There are many things each day that keep you from focusing on your essentials. You know these things are important for your business but they consume much of your time and energy – our most important resources – and therefore there is less left for you to get to the core of your work. And sometimes, you do not want to or cannot hire a full employee, for example because it’s just about small daily tasks or just for a certain project. And that’s where I come in!

As your Virtual Assistant, I can take care of:


⋗ Textual Work

⋗ Website Design & Updating

⋗ Social Media

⋗ Digital Tools: Optimization & Switching

⋗ Podcasting


⋗ Communication (int/ext)

⋗ Recruiting

⋗ Project Supervision

⋗ Calendar Management

All possible in English and German on an hourly or project-linked basis.

I’m experienced in personal assistance, project management, marketing, podcasting – as a proud Generalist, the list is long – and I’m able to work from anywhere any time. I love doing what I do and like that I’m able to give you important space in your workday – so that you can focus on your essentials while I’ll deal with the rest.

Have a look at my portfolio, my little Intro-Video or my LinkedIn profile for more details on my work.

✧ And now I’m excited to get to know YOU better! Contact me any time to talk about your options. ✧

Do work you love!
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