Freelance Writer |Martial Arts Teacher& Movement Coach | Language Teacher | 文武両道

/// working remote from all over the world

  • writing
  • generating & managing content
  • online editing

topics: motive industry, sports and recreation, health and fitness, education, culture and history, R&D

Doing shit in the field for 25 years...

  • martial arts training and teaching (Karate, Iaido, and other)
  • teaching and coaching courses on "healthcare through movement" in company environments, health programs and qualification campaigns
  • functional movement assessment and training, seminars and workshops
  • shiatsu
  • empowerment
  • martial arts classes and workshops
  • self-defense classes and workshops

...and here and there an online article

  • language teaching (English, German, basic Japanese)
  • private and group teaching
  • remote teaching

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