Do something good while working abroad as a Digital Nomad - Nepal

Please have a look at our amazing program, in which you can come to Nepal, do your regular DN work AND make a difference to the local people here.

Volunteer Society Nepal offers a program for Digital Nomads that entails:

  • A volunteering project in your field of business for a couple of hours a day: tourism, marketing, social media, website building, teaching English OR something completely different like designing a new handicapped center building or setting up cooking workshops at a women center. Just discuss your skills with us and we can find you something with which you can help Nepal move forward.
  • An office space for you to work in to do your regular DN job
  • A room for yourself on a separate floor with other volunteers or DNs, with the host family living below you, cooking you breakfast and dinner
  • An introduction into Nepali culture, language class and tours of Kathmandu
  • Pick up from the airport and general backup and support during your stay

What is the fee for all of the above? If you stay for three months: 375 euro per month, no hidden costs. Pay some more for shorter period and less for longer periods. This is a local fee that simply covers the costs of you being here and well prepared, as we don’t have the money to support you and your stay ourselves. You don’t pay for international offices, rich owners etc. such as with other, bigger organizations’. We are local and non-profit.

And if you like: work with me and become a part of the social expat community in Nepal, and we can further develop the digital nomad community of Kathmandu

Your help and skills can make a big difference here. And in return you get an enormously rewarding experience and learn how to apply your knowledge and experience in developing countries. Once you have joined this program, within a couple of months you made yourself at home in Kathmandu and might even find more projects for your DN work, there are loads of opportunities here.

In addition, you can also enjoy a nice holiday and see the country!

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