German Junior SEO Campaign Manager

Are you looking to advance your career in Online Marketing and be part of an industry leading team? We are a vibrant, fast growing SEO firm who value a ‘work from anywhere’ culture.

We have a team in Berlin DE, Phoenix US, Chiang Mai and remote workers in Italy, Montenegro, San Francisco and the Philippines.

We service clients in SO many different niches it’s hard to know where to start but a lot in professional services, SaaS, tech startups, eCommerce, but only work with clients where we believe in their business model and have a strong alignment.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Be the main communicator between High Voltage and the clients
  • Keeping projects organized and on time
  • Monitor the project progress & SEO performance
  • Work with the technical team at High Voltage to ensure the clients KPIs are met
  • The role:
  • You will be the face of High Voltage to the client and the main communicator. It will be your responsibility to ensure that the project work is aligned with the client’s goals and targets and that the client’s expectations are managed. Fluent German and English are essential.

The role would start at 15-20 hours per week with room to go full time as an option. It’s on a freelance basis and starts around 20 - 23€ / h depending on the experience.

The role includes full training and mentoring in our proprietary SEO methods which have been developed from over 300 tests done on the Google algorithm. These have been recognised by many industry professionals and resulted in us being featured in many top industry publications and conferences.

You would be responsible for the client communication and working with the technical team on the SEO strategy and assisting in implementing the strategies. Something we all get a great deal of satisfaction from is implementing creative search strategies and then watching them bare fruit!

Your core objectives for the role are to generate extraordinary value to your clients through the implementation of successful search strategies, and be able to clearly demonstrate how value has been created on a regular basis all while staying within set campaign budgets.

Attributes we value for this role: Complementary personality traits and skills for this role include;

  • Fluent in German & English
  • Strong communication skills
  • Enjoying communication with the client
  • Basic knowledge of SEO (1yr experience)
  • Being stress-resistant
  • Analytical and creative thinking
  • Being reliable and trustworthy
  • Have a passion for business and creating value for others
  • Being curious and loving to learn new things
  • Tolerance to working to various time zone requirements on occasion (as we try and be flexible to your lifestyle requirements also)
  • Like to work autonomously and independently
  • A passionate approach to what you do (it’s not work if you enjoy it!)

Growth Opportunities We are a fast growing team with 3 brands, an SEO consulting agency, an SEO SaaS product and a SEO community. We have various customer facing and internal career opportunities arising regularly and prefer to promote internally before recruiting.

We are on the cutting edge of SEO and search marketing so working with us you will learn a lot of new tricks with on the job training!

If you are located in Berlin and think this sounds like something you’d love to do, we’d love to receive your application! Please email resume and cover letter to Use Comic Sans Ms as a font for the cover letter.

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