Digital nomad with a passion for sustainability and social impact projects

Last summer I went on an adventure. Without a plan, expectations, or money, I left Berlin to go fundraise for a good cause. This donation marathon called BreakOut happens once a year and you raise money by the kilometre. The challenge? You only have 36 hours to get as far as you possibly can. I made it 3,292 kilometres, all the way to Egypt. Cooperating with “Brillenkammer”, an optician business, I raised funds for the NGO OneDollarGlasses.

I am Janina, student of development economics and international studies. I am always looking for new challenges and am driven by the mission to make the world a better place. My strengths lie in communications, the acquisition of talents and partners and in business development. Until December 2018 I worked for the United Nations app ShareTheMeal, which allows you to feed a hungry child for one day with just 40 cents and your smartphone.

Currently, I am working as a project manager in Social Entrepreneurship Education for half a week and am looking for another passion project with 15-20 hours per week. I will bring a good mix of adventurous spirit, great organizational skills and drive to work on innovative ventures. Let's hop on a call if you're interested :-)

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