My goal is to focus my creativity, charisma, and identity in a passion-filled, future-oriented, and collaborative space. Momentarily looking for opportunities in the south of Germany and Europe.

I am looking for an interactive, dynamic position in which all of my talents in communication and personally connecting with people can be realized and exercised. It’s critical for me that I identify with the brand, products, and values of a company, so that I can give 100% of myself, and get strengthened by the company in return.

I am an internationally experienced B2B Sales and Marketing professional who loves to question conventional wisdom, engage in commercial teaching, and promote these qualities in others as their ideational sparring partner. I have great aptitude for conceptual work, taking charge, distinguishing customers’ wants from needs, and convincing people to do what’s best for them – especially when it is counterintuitive.

Outside of the office, I draw new energy from exercising and meeting new people anywhere I can. Also I unicycle like no one’s business and will teach you if you have the guts. I look forward to connecting with you.

Do work you love!
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