Webdeveloper out of passion. I am a freelance webdeveloper and webdesigner. I am experienced in HTML, Javascript, CSS and Bootstrap. Also, I have experience in Wordpress and TYPO3 content management systems. I am permanently updating and expanding my profile, so if I didn't list anything you might look for in a developer, just contact me and maybe I am already working on learning it, such as for example python.

In general, I am a creative and flexible person. Thinking outside the box is not just something I list in cover letters, profiles or CVs, it is part of my attitude towards life. A born philosopher I have expanded my knowledge and developed my analytical skills while I studied English literature and culture as a major and philosophy as a minor subject. However, I am passionate about coding and highly engaged in each project I take on.

If you're looking for a developer, send me a message, an email or check out my webpage. Come and let us explore the boundaries of design and development.

Do work you love!
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