Alexander Schorsch ( alexanderschorsch )

My name is Alex, I´m 24 years young, living in Berlin and am in Sales for around 4.5 years. For me, Sales is providing a solution that solves the problem of my opponent and I absolutely adore it.

I´m myself a very global minded person, which is why I am looking for a sales position that is possible to be done in remote. Longterm cooperation and a product or service that really gives value to the customer is very important to me.

I´ve specialized on Telesales, having experience both with B2C and B2B. During the last 4.5 years i got to know different sales-cycles, learned effective cold-calling as well as consulting-based closing, always having an eye on the KPI´s.

My toolkit is filled with NLP, Spinselling, emotional Selling, strong rapport-building skills, empathy and a lot of closing techniques that do their job.

Do work you love!
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