I'm Dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker (FH) and studied in Worms, Germany. I'm born in Germany, speak German, business fluent English and a very little bit Frensh.

I'm a senior developer in VBA and senior working with databases like Sybase or MS SQL Server. But database programming I did ten years ago. I'am working as freelancer since 1999. In the past years I have done a lot of PHP and HTML - Programming for my own web sites. At the moment there is only page available: www.partnerbarometer.de. It is under construction due to changes for PHP 7.2. The last year I tried to write a programm in MQL5 to automate trading of EUR/USD.

My main job since 2004 was to work as Testmanager, Testanalyst and Tester. I had been working several years for banks and assurance companies, later for telecom companies and others.

But my real passion is programming. As I am a senior now, my knowledge of OOP would need a mentor or more practice. As I did a lot of programming only for my own business, there never was a need for OOP even when I sometimes thougt it would be better for this peace of code.

So you now should have a good understanding of my skills. I like to learn new things, I can quickly understand complex topics and don't like routine very much.

I have a CV, but only in German language. If you are interested I will send it to you. I'm interested in projects with a high remote working percentage, but to get into the job I would come on board for some time.

Contact: D. Janca, hasfun@gmx.de, 0049 (0)8808 9248177

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