Learning German is fun! Don't believe it? I will prove the opposite. With a young, fresh and modern approach of language teaching I will clear up the prejudices of learning German and show you all the fun and interesting sides of the language of the land of poets and thinkers, of a fierce female prime minister, punctuality , Lederhosen, sausages, beer and much more. Forget about how you learned languages at school with a boring teacher reading out a script, writing dictations. I will teach you how people talk in real life, make you understand the culture, everything customized to your needs. Whether you need to prepare for a job interview, go to the doctors or simply start a chat in a bar. I've been a German teacher since 2017 and I have worked for language schools and start-ups, as well as for nursing schools and online.

It's the right mix that counts! I offer language skills, creativity and rapid comprehension. Prior to teaching German I used to work as an editor and occasional presenter for tv production companies and radio stations. I am a German native speaker with a very good sense for languages that loves new challenges. You will love my quickness to grasp and readiness of mind. As a born and raised Berliner my group of friends is very international which makes English a language I use on a daily basis. I am also a passionate traveller which has given me the opportunity to get to know and understand many differnt cultures. I have for example lived and worked in countries like the UK and New Zealand and travelled through South America, Asia and Europe.

As a former editor for TV & radio and current German teacher I've got experience in many different and interesting fields. My combination of language, creative and communication skills make just the worker that you need!

Do work you love!
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