I have 30 years of experience in customer-facing positions, as a Trainer, as a Manager, as an Executive Assistant. Wherever I have worked, it has been my job to listen to customers’ needs, to solve their problems, to help them get to mutually acceptable outcomes. I am a communicator. I learnt German because I had relatives who could not speak any English. My favourite compliment is when native speakers of German ask me how I learnt to speak such good English! As well as attending networking events, I enjoy Social Media. I am active on Twitter, LinkedIn and xing, as well as blogging for Dell EMC. The Corporate Social Responsibility project which I co-ran from 2009-2013 was a great example of inclusion before “Diversity & Inclusion” became mainstream. My son’s medical history and my responses to that situation demonstrate my ability to respond to adversity resiliently, to think positively and to come out on top. I now know better how to help in return. I gladly took on the role of CSR Lead for Austria in mid-2017, which covers not only community involvement, but also sustainability. When I’m not busy with my daily routine, I go to the cinema, the gym and for walks around the beautiful city of Vienna. In the summer months I spend weekends at my garden in the Vienna Woods and appreciate the tranquility and proximity to nature.

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